Different Problems That Arise While Entering Roku Com Link Activate Code Along With Their Solutions.

The process of Roku activation is easy, but the lack of knowledge makes it complicated. If you are trying to activate your Roku device, but are not able to do so, then get in touch with experts at Roku Com Link Activate support.

To be able to stream anything from your Roku player, you will have to activate it. The step to activate Roku appears when you set up this device for the first time. Activating of Roku is a simple process, as you just have to enter the link activation code at my.roku.link page, and then, wait for a few seconds so that the device could be activated. In order to activate your Roku, you must also have a Roku account, which you can easily create by entering your basic details.

Having a Roku account is of paramount importance because this account contains all your payment methods, settings you’ve done for your Roku player and personal preferences, so losing this account is going to cause a huge inconvenience to you. In order to activate your Roku device, it has to be linked to your Roku account. You would think that activating Roku is an easy process, which can be done within 5-10 minutes. Well, if you have the luck on your side, then you can complete the process under 10 minutes, but the majority of Roku users are not lucky, and they come across different issues while activating their Roku players.

Basically, Roku activation code is an alphanumeric code, which you will be able to see on your screen once you reach ‘activation of Roku’ step. But, if you can see the code, but can’t enter it, then there is some problem with the process you are indulged in.

Receiving errors while entering Roku link activation code on the website:

If you have received an error after entering Roku activation code, then you should try entering the code again. Maybe, you haven’t typed the code properly the first time. A system error or a temporary network error could also result in this problem.

If you have typed the code properly, yet facing the problem, then here are the steps that you have to follow:

  1. On your Roku remote, press ‘star’ button followed by selecting ‘Get a new code’ option.
  2. Once you get the new Roku link code, you will have to go back to Roku com link page and enter the code again.

Roku code entered, but Roku device is stuck on link code screen

If this is the problem you’re facing, then the first thing that you need to do is determine as to how long have you been stuck on the activation screen. If there have been a few minutes, then maybe, Roku might be updating its firmware, so just wait for a few more minutes and then, take the necessary action.

  1. Check whether you have taken all the necessary steps on the website that are required to activate the Roku device.
  2. If you have received ‘error 001’ with a message ‘not connected’, then your Roku player isn’t connected to any internet network.
    1. Select ‘try again’.
    2. If ‘try again’ doesn’t work, then get in touch with your internet service provider to check whether the problem has originated from the server side.

If you have tried all the steps, yet facing this problem, then consult Roku help and support providers, as now, they will be able to assist you with this problem.


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