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Having Problem With ‘Private Listening’ Feature Of Your Roku Player?

Are you not being able to use ‘Private listening’ feature properly on your Roku player as it should be? If yes, then here’s list of troubleshooting steps which you can perform to fix this problem. For your information, Private listening mode enables you to listen to the music, songs or video content privately by connecting headphones to the player. You can also listen through a smartphone with Roku app installed in it.

You just need to plug the earphones into the phone jack and start enjoying the favorite music. In case you are not being able to get audio in your headphones or the audio jerks, then you can follow the steps mentioned below.

Headphone icon not available

If the headphone icon is not available on the Roku app screen, then you can get it by installing the fresh version of Roku app.

Video freezing again and again

The video freezing problem occurs due to sync issue, if your video is not synced with audio, then you may get the problem. To fix this problem, you need to connect the headphones to the phone before starting playing video from it.

Fixing Audio issues

If the audio you are listening through headphones is out of sync, audio stutter or no audio at all, then you can follow the below mentioned steps for each of these following Roku Errors.

No audio: If there is no sound at all, then the volume button is definitely muted or the volume level is down.

Audio out of sync: To sync the audio with video, you need to use the software available online. It will sync the audio automatically.

If the problem still infuriates you, then follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. First of all, check the headphones whether they are firmly attached to the headphone jack or not.
  2. If you are doubtful with the headphones, then try connecting them to another device. You can cross-check headphones through this procedure.
  3. Stop video and try playing it again.
  4. If you are using private listening on Roku App Not Working and getting the problem with it, then force close the app and try connecting to the content again. If you are using an android phone, then you can close the app by pressing the home button and swipe it to left or right.
  5. Restart your player after disconnecting it from the source and connect to power outlet again.
  6. You can try connecting different headphone to the Roku player remote.

If everything is OK but you still find any problem, then you need to test the network connection. A good network speed is preferred for ‘Private listening’. If you are streaming a music from internet, then you will get this issue but if you are streaming offline, then you will not report this issue. To get proper signal strength on your Roku player, you need to disconnect all other devices connected to the same wireless network.

You must minimize the distance between Reset Roku and its remote. If your Roku is away from the remote, you will find out of range issue and the problem with private listening.

Further steps to troubleshoot this problem are:

  • Disconnect your player.
  • Power cycle your Roku player by connecting it again to the power supply.
  • If you find any problem with the network, then restart all devices like modem and router. This will reset the network.
  • Connect Roku now to the power outlet.


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