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How To Fix The Complicated HDCP Errors In Roku Player?

HDCP protocols prevent data hacks from the channel through which the data is streamed from the streaming device onto the TV. But, HDCP protocols could malfunction at times, thus resulting in HDCP errors. If you are using Roku player and dealing with HDCP errors, then go to Roku com link to fix the problem.

Roku player is a streaming device that supports HDMI cable with HDCP protocols. While many people are aware of HDCP protocols and so, they specifically look for this particular feature while buying an entertainment device. HDCP protocols are basically anti-piracy protocols that are added into the HDMI cable while it is manufactured in the factory.

With HDCP protocols enabled in an HDMI cable, it becomes literally impossible for pirates to steal the content that is streamed from Roku device. There are many benefits of using an HDMI cable that comes with HDCP protocols, but these protocols also experience issues most often than not. HDCP error is a term that has become a synonym with Roku, and today, we will be discussing how to fix these errors.

What causes HDCP errors?

Before getting onto the errors, it is important that you understand what HDCP stands for. HDCP means ‘High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection’. An authorized body grants licenses to HDCP based devices. It could be any device such as Roku, Xbox, Blu-Ray Players and more.

These devices have the ability to communicate with the output device directly using an HDMI cable. Roku device has its own license for the services it offers. When HDCP errors arise, then it means the license is not available for the compliant device. In order to fix HDCP errors, you can do the following:

HDCP protocols are advanced protocols that are available only in modern-day televisions. You will not find such protocols in old TVs. You will see a blank screen after connecting the Roku player to the TV along with an error message, which will confirm the presence of HDCP error.

If you want to enjoy movies and TV shows streamed from Roku, then you will have to connect your Roku device with a projector that supports HDCP protocols.

You will see a purple screen on the TV along with a message that ‘HDCP Unauthorized Content Disabled’, which is an error that occurs when there is a loose HDMI connector or a faulty HDMI cable.

How to solve HDCP errors?

Go through the following steps to solve HDCP errors:

  1. Take out HDMI cable from Roku player as well as your TV.
  2. Turn off both, Roku and TV followed by taking out the power cord for 30 seconds.
  3. Now, one end of the HDMI cable into Roku player and another end into the TV. Check if the cable has been inserted in a right way.
  4. Connect your TV and Roku to the power supply, and once they are connected, turn on the power.
  5. Now, play a video from one of the channels that are installed on your Roku device. If it is displayed on the TV, then it means, Roku is working fine.

If you are seeing the same problem, then you will have to use a different HDMI cable. Maybe the current HDMI cable you are using is defective. If you are facing HDCP error for the first time, then it could be due to the lack of support of HDCP over HDMI on the TV. You must be using an old TV model with early HDMI protocols where current standards don’t work. So, you need to buy the latest TV to play media from your Roku device to TV in a flawless way.

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