How To Resolve The Problem Of Roku Not Working?

Roku player becoming non-functional is a serious problem, which you must figure out how to fix, or else you will not be able to enjoy your favorite movies and shows. You can go to Rokucomlink to find out how to fix the problem of Roku not working. 

Roku has become a staple in every US household. The reason why Roku has gained so much popularity in the United States is simply that Roku has got more channels associated with the Roku, and the interface of Roku is intuitive and user-friendly. But, all those features come crashing down when Roku stops working.

Roku can stop working due to a number of reasons, so if you are using Roku, then it is important for you to be familiar with all the reasons.

Reason #1: No Wi-Fi Connection

  1. If your Roku player is not working, then there could be a chance that it is not connected to the internet network. You will have to make sure that the login information entered by you to connect to the internet network is correct.
  2. There could be a possibility that the Wi-Fi is out of range, so what you are going to do is, you will have to make sure that the Roku player is within the range of your Wi-Fi network. Also keep in mind that if there are too many devices present near the Roku, then those can interfere with the internet signal. If you have connected half a dozen devices with your internet network, even then, you internet tends to work slower, and issues like these arise.
  3. If the problem with Wi-Fi signal persists, then you will have to consider rebooting your router and Roku device. For that, unplug both the devices, wait for a few seconds and then, plug both devices back in. After that, create a wireless connection setup.
  4. There is a possibility that you might be using wrong IP settings for the wireless connection. So, change IP settings from manual to automatic.

Reason #2: Low Video Quality

If you have connected your Roku player to a high-speed internet, but are still seeing videos of poor quality, then you must be dealing with one of the following issues;

  1. The connection between Roku and router could be weak, so you will have to update your router’s firmware, and for that, you will have to consult your ISP.
  2. You will have to disconnect all other devices that are connected to the same Wi-Fi network in order to lower network congestion.

Reason #3: Roku Remote Not Responding

  1. The problem may arise due to a non-responsive Roku remote as well, so you will have to check batteries of your remote. If the batteries are fully drained, then replace the batteries with new ones.
  2. If Roku remote is not pairing with Roku device, then you will have to press and hold ‘black pairing button’ that is given in the battery compartment for 3 seconds or until you see LED light flashing on the remote. You will also see remote pairing dialog on your TV screen.
  3. Restart both, Roku device in order to ensure pairing between the device and the remote. Take power off Roku device and then, wait for 5 seconds. Then, reconnect Roku to the main power supply and let the loading screen appears. Remove the batteries from Roku remote, wait for 3-5 seconds and then, reinsert the batteries. After that, press and hold ‘black pairing button’ for 3 seconds to pair the remote.
  4. Clean the Roku remote followed by re-pairing it with Roku player. Press and hold ‘A, B and Black’ pairing button simultaneously. This is going to flash the LED light up to three times, which means that the remote is clean. Now, connect your Roku player to main power supply followed by pressing and holding the pairing button, which is in purple color. You will see a LED flashing, which is going to indicate that the remote is paired.

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