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How To Troubleshoot Roku Enhance Remote If Not Controlling The Volume And Power Of Your TV?

If you are having Roku enhanced remote with your Roku media player and getting the problem in using it seamlessly, then there might be some problem with the remote. The enhanced remote uses IR and wireless technology for connection. If there is a problem in controlling the volume of your TV and powering it off with the Roku enhanced remote, then you will have to troubleshoot it as early as possible. By applying simple tips, you can easily fix the problem. There are number of users who are getting the problem in connecting the Roku to the TV. Keep reading the page and understand the simple tips to troubleshoot it.

First of all, you must ensure that you are using the Roku enhanced remote with your player. If you are using a normal remote, then you won’t be able to control the volume and power of your TV. If the TV buttons are there on the Roku remote, then you can control your TV easily with it.

Why there is a problem in listening to the sound during installation?

If you are facing problem in listening to the sound during the setup, then with some steps you can get rid of this.

  • The device connected to the TV and the Roku player must support audio over HDMI. If you have connected external speakers to the device, then no sound will be heard at all.

Why are you not able to mute music through Roku enhance remote?

If, in case you are not being able to mute the music from Reset Roku Remote, then the following steps will help you to come out of this situation. You must read the steps carefully before going with them. In case of further support, contact Roku Support team.

  1. Limit the number of users connected to the media streaming player at a time. Connecting more than one device at a time may confuse the hardware and software. Disconnect all connected devices and connect one at a time.
  2. Some TV brands available in the market doesn’t support Roku Update enhanced remote.

Why your Roku enhanced remote is controlling only a single thing at a time, either volume or power?

As we all know that different TV brands developed at different manufacturing unit so different are their coding. All these TV’s have different coding for linking to the media streaming player. If you find a problem in controlling the volume but able to power on/off the TV, then it means the coding entered by you is incorrect.

Check the remote for unnecessary hotness

If the Roku remote is too hot from the back, then let it cool down by placing at some hard object. You can place it on a table or on the non-inflammable surface like tile or wooden piece. The batteries of remote must not be removed immediately. This may lead to some injury or the remote may get faulty.

This is all about the troubleshooting tips for Roku enhanced remote. If you are still having any trouble, then you can call at Roku support helpline, the technical executives will guide you according to the problem you are facing.


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