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What Is Roku’s Voice-Assistant and How Different Will It Be Compared to Existing Voice-Assistant Devices?

Roku is getting ready to surprise the world by unveiling its voice-assistant. Roku will roll out an update in the upcoming months that would allow people to control Roku streaming devices and Smart TVs using voice commands. Moreover, the company is also planning to launch a voice-assistant that will take care of all the things in the house or office, from controlling lights to ordering something online and many more things.


Roku, a name that needs no introduction is again in the news. This time, the company is looking to surprise its users by launching a voice-assistant in its fleet of streaming devices and smart TVs. With this, the company will begin its journey to take on the industry’s gigantic names such as Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Siri. Roku is a top brand and there is no doubt about it in the minds of the people, but the company is going to get even bigger when it finally unveils its voice assistant. People will be able to access this voice-assistant feature after the company rolls out an update regarding the same. I’m sure that people have already started to make assumptions as to what they would have to say in order to activate that voice-assistant. Well, they will have to say nothing, but ‘Roku’ and the feature would activate.

People using Roku streaming devices and smart TVs will begin receiving automatic updates in a few months’ time, i.e., near fall of 2018. If the reports coming out of the company are to believe, then Roku has named its voice-assistant as ‘Roku Entertainment Assistant’, but people should not worry because they don’t have to say this entire name, as only ‘Roku’ would be good enough to activate the feature.

Besides voice-assistant feature in the streaming devices and smart TVs, Roku is planning to develop a dedicated voice-assistant, which will take control of the entire house in a very diligent way. Though Roku doesn’t plan to create its own smart speakers, it surely will ask the best company in the business to provide those for its voice-assistant device. The company has already launched a licensing program, which will allow all the renowned companies that manufacture electronic hardware to showcase their products to Roku including smart speakers, sound bars, and audio systems. The first company that has offered its products to Roku is TCL, which is the same company that has collaborated with the company to manufacture smart TVs in the past.

It is just the smart speakers that Roku Link will buy from other companies. Roku will use its own operating system to amalgamate the hardware and software of the device. With Roku’s own operating system, all the Roku devices will be able to connect to the voice-assistant wirelessly in order to perform a gamut of tasks. There will be a Setup Roku remote as well, which will make using the voice-assistant a lot easier. There is no other information available regarding the capabilities of the Roku’s voice assistant other than its ability to control music and videos.

Roku has gained a lot of popularity in the US, which is all because of its amazing features and reliable support. The company is faring better than Apple, Google, and Amazon in the region. With the voice-assistant coming into the market in a few months’ time, things will further improve for Roku and more customers will join the Roku network. You need to stay tuned with Roku Help to know more about this voice-assistant and its release date. This feature is going to change the platform forever.

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