Why Is Roku Streaming Player Not Able To Update Software Via Roku Link?

Update Software Via Roku Link

Roku player is only going to work to its full potential when its software is up to date. If you are trying to update the software of your Roku device, but are not able to do so, then you need to follow certain solutions, which you can easily find at Roku com link website.

Roku streaming player at the time of setting up will automatically download and install the latest version of the software. Every time you turn on the Roku device, it is going to check for a new software. Whenever there a new software version available, Roku is going to automatically download it.

What happens if the software update doesn’t take place due to an error?

In order to perform a software update, you must have a good internet connection. If the connection is unreliable or is experiencing an unexpected outage, then your Roku device won’t be updated to the latest software. You will see an error message on the screen along with the following error codes: 001, 002, 003 or 005.

How to make Roku update the software successfully?

There is a possibility that Roku service may be temporarily unresponsive. If in the process of updating the software, you come across an error code, then kindly wait for a few minutes and try again. If there is an outage that Roku has been notified to Roku, then you will see the notification on Roku support website.

If there isn’t any alert and you are still seeing an error message after multiple attempts, then the problem has caused due to network connectivity issue. Here is how you can solve the problem:

  1. Did you connect your Roku streaming player to the right internet network or not? If you haven’t connected to the right internet network, then issues related to failed network connection may arise.
  2. Check if the router is working properly or not. You can use your PC or smartphone to connect to the router and then, try to access the internet.
  3. Check if the wireless signal is strong enough or not. If it is weak, then you need to bring your Roku device closer to the router.
  1. Try to restart your Roku streaming player and your router.
    • In order to restart your Roku player, go to ‘settings’, then ‘system’ and finally, ‘system restart’.
    • To restart Roku TV, you need to go to ‘settings’, then ‘system’, ‘power’ and finally, ‘system restart’. Unplug Roku device from the power supply and then, plug it back in.
    • Now, you will have to restart the router.

If your Roku streaming player was connected to the router, then it will be reconnected to the internet automatically.

Wireless vs. Ethernet

One thing about all Roku streaming devices is that they all can connect to the router via Wi-Fi. You will also find some Roku streaming players consisting of Ethernet connection, which makes use of an Ethernet cable to connect to the network.

  1. If you can connect your Roku to the router via an Ethernet cable, then it will be better because an Ethernet connection will provide you with a faster and reliable connection. You can connect a standard Ethernet cable from an available port on the router to the port that is given on the backside of Roku media streaming player.
  2. You can get excellent results via a wireless connection, but you need to make sure that Roku device is connected close enough to the router in order to receive a good signal.

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