YouTube Acknowledged Audio-Video Out Of Sync Issues On Roku TV’s And Media Streaming Devices

Are you a binge-watcher of YouTube Roku app on Roku TV or media player? If yes, then you might be facing Audio video sync issues on it. I am going to discuss the problems which users are getting on their YouTube Roku app. The users are facing this problem since February this year.

One of the prime users of Roku in his complaint said that he is facing Audio-video sync problem on Roku media player from February this year and is not being able to watch content smoothly. If you check it on the Google support page, then they are claiming that their YouTube app is working normally and no problem has been reported yet in it.

After reading so many complaints on YouTube form, YouTube officials have confirmed that there is some problem with the Audio video on YouTube app and they are working on it.

Now, let’s discuss the comments of various users who are facing the problem with the Roku media streaming device or the TV. If you are among the one who is facing this issue, then continue reading this page.

Another user in his complaint said that when he started watching the video on YouTube, everything was working normally but as soon as the video started streaming after 10 minutes he reported a sudden issue with the audio. The video went out of sync with the Audio. Although, he has fixed this problem with a simple tweak this has not solved the problem completely. He is getting the same problem again and again. He is totally frustrated with this problem.

You will be surprised to hear that I was also among those facing the same issue but somehow I have been able to get success. I will discuss some workarounds with you and I hope that will certainly work for you. I have found these solutions after long research. The very first thing that worked for me was; playing content through YouTube app installed on my mobile instead of playing through the Roku app. I got success with this simple fix. You can also go for this solution. Right after this, I tried to play the content on the Roku app but all went in vain.

The main reason behind this problem was a recent update launched by YouTube on the Roku app. All those who have updated the app are mostly getting this problem. They have discussed their issue on social websites like Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook as well.

Now, I am going to explain some fixes discussed by users on the comments section. You must read them.

If you are getting this annoying problem with the streaming, then you must uninstall YouTube and Roku app from the device. This will solve your problem. If you still find any problem, then you can contact Roku support.

We hope, the comments and discussions left by users on the complaint forum will definitely put pressure on the officials for quick resolution of this problem and they will certainly acknowledge the same. For the time being, you must check the updates or news available on Roku support page and on YouTube official page. Sometimes, they keep on updating the latest developments and OS versions to satisfy the customers.

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